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Specialising in Kids and Family Content

Diving in…

It always starts with an idea. A vision. A dream.

Sometimes luck is on your side.

But luck aside, when it comes to getting to a greenlight, it requires…

Industry knowledge Talent Originality  Funding Viable concept Strategic planning Relationships A powerful pitch Passion.

This is what it takes.

As your partner, you’ll get all of this, and more.

By coming on board at the earliest stage of a project with you, my creative expertise, proven industry track record of over 20+ years of experience working with both high-level media executives, co-producers and key buyers will open doors.

And throughout the process I will immerse myself in your project, doing what it takes to get your content a greenlight.

The earlier, the better! You’ll benefit from my insights and first-hand knowledge of what sells and succeeds in the children and family TV market. You’ll get my expert, objective view of whether your content is commercially and creatively viable.

Duck on TV

Here are just some of the ways I can help you:

Scout for IP, handle creative development (by project or across a slate), attach talent, build a strong pitch and content distribution strategy, formulate a co-production and finance plan, and get you in front of the right people to pitch, sell and negotiate!


After graduating in French and German language, history and literature, I stumbled into subtitling documentaries which then led me to discover something called Mip TV! Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to spend my career in storytelling. I live and breathe it. And like a pintail bird, I landed on water when I decided to specialise in kids and family content; successfully working for Entertainment Rights, National Geographic Kids, Disney, Zodiak Kids, Cloudco Entertainment and Gaumont.

The kids and family space is an immensely challenging market, a tough one to crack, because children are arguably the most demanding audience, with an ever increasing amount of content and services vying for their attention. Moreover, animation is one of the fastest growing genres …but the most fun and rewarding!

Finding my niche has been a privilege, and now in an almost post Covid-19 world, I hope to harness and bring as much of my knowledge to help other producers, content owners, writers and studios in their pursuit to get a project pitch ready and sold.

Candidly, I can’t take on every project that comes my way, because if I work with you, I’ll throw myself all in. I place huge importance on selecting the right partner and project to invest the proper time and bring the best chance for success!

Karen Vermeulen

Karen Vermeulen


Preschool, Kids, Young Adult, and Family content

The sooner you get me involved in your project, the earlier you can start benefiting from my help. You’ll save time and money through getting things right from day one.

However, wherever you are in the process, if you’re looking for advice or practical support, I can help with;

  • Content strategy and advice on commissioning trends
  • Executive producer services
  • Co-production project management including securing finance partners and presales
  • Content distribution services – including pitch strategy, revenue forecasting, pitching, follow-ups, sales and contract negotiations with TV networks and digital streaming platforms
  • Creative development – editorial and visual development including book adaptations
  • IP scouting
  • Identifying talent and organising writers rooms

Do you have an idea for a show, or a show ready to go? Here’s how it works.

Contact me with an overview of your requirements or project.
I’ll respond with my initial thoughts or suggest a half hour telephone consultation.
I’ll scope out if and how I can help, and the costs involved.
If we both decide to go ahead, we’ll agree terms, and a project plan.
We get started developing your exciting project and finding a buyer!

Here are a few of my favourite shows I’ve worked on!

Executive Producer credits
Co-production Success
Content Strategy
Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese (52 x 11’ ) 2019

2D Animation
Commissioning Networks: CBBC (BBC), Gulli
Production Partners: Cloudco Entertainment, Watchnext Media, Kavaleer

Holly Hobbie (2 Seasons – 19 x 22’) 2018-19

Live-action, single-cam
Commissioning Networks: Hulu Original, Peacock, Family Channel
Production Partners: Cloudco Entertainment, Aircraft Pictures, Wexworks Media

Care Bears Unlock the Magic (52 x 11’) 2019

2D Animation
Commissioning Networks: WarnerMedia – Cartoon Network/HBO Max
Production Partners: Cloudco Entertainment, Copernicus Studios

Tinpo (78 x 7’) 2018

CGI Preschool
Commissioning Networks: CBeebies, Dentsu
Production Partners: Cloudco Entertainment, OLM, Sprite Animation

Buddy Thunderstruck (12 x 22’) 2017

Commissioning Network: Netflix
Production Partners: Stoopid Buddy Studios, Cloudco Entertainment

‘Thank You’ production credit:

Overlord and the Underwoods (20 x 22’) 2020
Sitcom for Gem (CBC), Nickelodeon and BYU (USA) with Marblemedia

Toot & Puddle (52 x 11’) 2009

2D Preschool for National Geographic Kids and Noggin with Mercury Filmworks

Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies (52 x 11’) 2007-8

Hybrid Preschool for National Geographic Kids and CBeebies with King Rollo Films

As SVP of Global TV Sales & Co-production, I crafted a number of big coproductions @ Zodiak Kids (formerly known as RDF Kids) – here are some of my highlights:
  • Fort Boyard (20 x 22′): a spin-off kids, live-action game show for Disney Channel USA and ITV, UK
  • Floogals (52 x 11′): a hybrid preschool series for NBCUniversal Kids and Nevision
  • Zack and Quack (52 x 11′): a premium CGI preschool series with High One Entertainment (South Korea) and CandyBear (Israel) for Nick Jr (global)
  • Tickety Toc (52 x 11′): a CGI preschool series with Funnyflux (South Korea) for Nick Jr (global)
@ Zodiak Kids:

To drive content distribution and revenue growth, I was responsible for establishing the relationship and negotiating the initial output deal between Amazon Kids and Zodiak Kids:

@ Cloudco Entertainment:

To drive toy and merchandising sales, I was responsible for negotiating with Moonbug to co-create a series called “Care Bears Unlock the Music” – bespoke music videos for You Tube:

Warner Music

To drive audience awareness and engagement, I was responsible for inking a Warner Music deal for live action series, “Holly Hobbie”: https://www.licenseglobal.com/music/holly-hobbie-inks-album-deal-warner-music

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